These are the ©Raw Songs(P) of Melvin the Poet

(Copyright 2009)



Warning: My voice and guitar playing sound like a blackboard with fingernails glued to it.


So don’t listen to my voice or my guitar. Just listen to the songs and perhaps you or your band can make my songs sound better,

Because that’s what’s for sale; the songs, (not me).


Electricity & Wind in Georgia (p)


Room 844 (p)

China Dolls (p)


Daddy the Ice Cream Man’s Comin(p)


Down on Main Street at Night (p)


Empty Old Buildings (p)


Empty Sandboxes (p)


Gravity (p)


I Don’t Need to Know (p)


She’s Out of My Mind (p)


The Blood is on the Ground (p)


The Hollow Eyes of an Empty Mask (p)


The Middle Class Suburbia Old White Guy Blues (p)


1977 - The Year Gary Gilmore Fell (p)


When I Ran Into You (p)


You Don’t Mean that Much to Me (p)


You’re My Song (p)


The Day I Made My Daddy Cry (P)


Write Me Home (P)


Man From Mars (P)

That Old Green Rain Coat (P)

Dry Creeks and Old Stock Ponds  (P)


I Remember (P)

The Hand Without a Glove (P)

Hell Bent on Leaving Me (P)


The Hollow Eyes of an Empty Mask (P)

All the Trees Were Crying (P)

Saturday 1954 (P)

Thangs (P)

Paw-Paw (P)