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©You’ve Got To Believe


Narrator: In a small town just outside Jerusalem, a long time ago, a man died, as men will do. But this man was young, but then young men they die, too. But this young man had two grieving sisters, but then, sisters usually do grieve when a brother dies. Especially a younger brother, whom they probably helped raise. He may have even been more like a son than a brother to them. Still nothing particularly unusual here, except for one thing. This young man, (pause. “and” is assumed) these two sisters were very close friends with the man, Jesus, the one and only Son of God.

            These two sisters, Mary and Martha, had sent word several days earlier for Jesus to come and heal their brother, but Jesus chose to wait. He shoes not to give them an immediate answer. He chose to come after their brother, Lazarus, had died.

Martha: (Shaking her head) Why? (beat) Where were you, Jesus? We called for you, but you didn’t come. (Looks Jesus in the eye) Why did you let Lazarus die? If you had come right away, you could have touched him and he would have been healed. If you had just been here, my brother would not have died.

Jesus: Your brother will rise again.

Martha: I know he will rise in the resurrection at the last day. (Her anger rises somewhat) But I want to see him, now. (Changes to a small, pleading voice) I wasn’t ready to let him go.

Mary: Jesus, why did you wait so long to come? You could have saved him if you had been here, and my brother would still be alive. (Jesus begins to weep)

Man’s voice: He opened the eyes of a blind man. Could he not have kept this man from dying?

Jesus: Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the Glory of God. (Beat) But you’ve got to believe. (Turns to the grave.) Lazarus, come forth.



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