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Tom: A writer in the church drama dept. for three years who has several books published and thinks that makes him important.

Bill: The head of the drama dept., he is a kind and compassionate person who is concerned about others and wants to help.




(Bill is walking through church and Tom sees him and hollers at him.)


Tom:††† Hey Bill. You got a minute?

Bill:†††††† (Stops and waits for Tom to catch up.) Sure, Tom. What can I do for

††††††††††† you?

Tom: †† I just need to get something off my chest.

Bill:†††††† (Pauses a moment with a tight face.) I think I know what itís about.

Tom:††† You do?

Bill:†††††† Well, Iíve got a pretty good idea. Youíve been on the writing staff of

††††††††††† our drama dept. for what, three years? (Tom nods slightly.) And

††††††††††† weíve never used one of the scripts youíve written. Would that be it?

Tom:††† Well, how would you feel? Iíve had seven novels published, two since I started coming to this church and you

†††††††††† donít use my scripts.

Bill:†††††† Iíve read some of your books, Tom. Theyíre pretty good.

Tom:††† Youíve only read some, and theyíre only pretty good?

Bill:†††††† Well, IÖ

Tom:††† Thatís okay. That might explain why youíve never used any of my

††††††††††† scripts. If you think my writing is only adequate, why did you let me

††††††††††† join the writing dept.?

Bill:†††††† First of all, Tom, donít put words in my mouth. I think your writing is

††††††††††† very good. Thatís why I wanted you on our team. Some of your ideas

††††††††††† have been excellent. They just didnít fit in at the time, but they may

††††††††††† fit in at some point in the future.

Tom:††† I would say, that after three years I apparently just canít please you or

††††††††††† the pastors.

Bill:†††††† Well, if thatís what youíre trying to do, then thatís where youíve

††††††††††† made a mistake.

Tom: What do you mean?

Bill:†††††† The purpose of the skits in this church is to please God and be used

††††††††††† for His purpose. Itís not important if they please me or any other

††††††††††† person if the script is the one God wants to convey His message.

††††††††††† (Beat) Tom, do you pray before you start writing a script?

Tom:††† Why pray? You always tell us the idea for the message that the script

††††††††††† is to support.

Bill:†††††† (Takes a deep breath) Tom, the message came from much prayer on

††††††††††† the part of the pastors. All of them. This church was built on Godís

††††††††††† Will after a lot of prayer over a long period of time. Me personally, I

††††††††††† donít even think you should eat a meal without praying first.

Tom: †† If everyoneís prayed and Godís given them the theme of the message

††††††††††† and you give it to the writers, then why do we need to pray?

Bill:†††††† (Studies Tom a moment like he doesnít believe what he just heard.)

††††††††††† You pray for God to give you His divine inspiration. To show you His

††††††††††† Will.

Tom:††† Look. Iím a great writer. Thatís not brag. Thatís fact. My books have

††††††††††† won many awards. Did you know thereís talk that my new book

††††††††††† could win the Pulitzer? It doesnít get any better than that. Thatís the

††††††††††† writerís gold medal.

Bill:†††††† I know youíre a good writerÖ

Tom:††† A great writer.

Bill:†††††† (pauses) Youíre a great writer and youíve won awards and

††††††††††† recognitions with your novels that, Iím sure, are well deserved.

††††††††††† In fact, it wouldnít surprise me at all if you win the Pulitzer prize.

††††††††††† (Tom smiles with smug satisfaction.) But awards mean nothing

††††††††††† (smile begins to fade) when youíre writing for God. The Pulitzer is

††††††††††† about public praise. Itís about the praise of people.

Tom:††† (Indignant) The skits are about people. This church is about people.

Bill:†††††† (Stern voice) This church, including the skits, is about God and what

††††††††††† He wants for His people. Not what we want. Do you understand?

Tom:††† (Pauses a moment staring at Bill.) I think maybe itís time I started

††††††††††† looking for another church.

Bill: ††††† I sure wish you wouldnít do that.

Tom:††† Why not? The last church I was going to, even back before I had even

††††††††††† published one book, used my words all the time. I wrote skits and

††††††††††† even full length plays. They used everything I wrote.

Bill:†††††† Maybe you were more in tune with God back then. (Silence as they

††††††††††† stare at each other) Did you used to pray before you started writing

††††††††††† a script for that church? (Tom doesnít answer) Tom, I really wish you would stay here and keep working with†††

††††††††††† us. And I ask you to do just one thing before you ever put one word on paper.

Tom:††† Yea, whatís that?

Bill:†††††† Pray.



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