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©Plain and Simple


(Man sitting in chair reading newspaper when wife enters.)


Wife:††† Easter is just a couple of weeks away and you told me you would make me an Easter wreath to hang on the

††††††††††††† door.

Man:††† That seems like an awful lot of trouble for just a couple of weeks.

Wife:††† You told me you would make one. You promised.

Man:††† I donít think I promised.

Wife:††† Well, maybe you didnít use the word promise, but you did say you would make me a wreath. Besides, how††

††††††††††† hard could it be? A couple of colored eggs and a rabbit hot glued to a wreath of grape vines.

Man:††† If itís so simple why do you need me to do it?

Wife:††† Because youíre the one with the talent and the power tools to cut a rabbit out of plywood.

Man:††† I thought maybe you wanted a real rabbit hot glued to the wreath. It would be simpler if I was a magician, then I

††††††††††† could just pull a rabbit out of my hat. You know I havenít seen a magician do that trick in a long time. Maybe the

†† †††††††††animalís rights people stopped them. Do they still pull rabbits out of a hat?

Wife:††† Youíre just trying to change the subject hoping Iíll forget about it.

Man:††† Is it working?

Wife:††† No. Why donít you get up and put your efforts toward making an Easter wreath? Itíll make me happy. You

††††††††††† know, if Iím not happyÖ

Man:††† I know. Nobodyís happy. (Puts down paper and gets up. Starts to leave, then stops) Iíve got a sobering idea.

††††††††††† Itís like inspiration. How about a wreath thatís a crown of thorns?

Wife:††† What?

Man:††† A crown of thorns with a cross in the center. Maybe of the cross carve the words, He died for you.

Wife:††† But thatís so plain and simple.

Man:††† Yea, it is, plain and simple truth. Rabbits and eggs are all well and good, but theyíve clouded the real meaning of

†††††††††††† Easter, kind of like Santa Claus and Christmas.

Wife:††† I like it. But are you sure you didnít just come up with this idea to get out of work?

Man:††† I think this idea is going to be more work.

Wife:††† How do you figure?

Man:††† Because, what if unsaved people come to our door and see the message and start asking questions? Weíve got

††††††††††† to be prepared with Biblical answers.

Wife:††† You mean the plain and simple truth?

Man:††† I better get busy. Thereíre only a couple of weeks left until Easter.

Wife:††† I think this wreath should stay up year round.



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