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©What Does That Mean?


A Far Cry:   Iím at a complete loss on this one.


Tit for Tat:   I donít know what a tat is, but it better be really good if Iím trading a tit for it.


Smitherenes:          A place to be blown to?


Shebang:††† All I know about this is it only works if thereís a whole one.


Holy moly:   I guess itís like a holy cow, except I know what a cow is.


Chinamanís chance in hell: Not only is that racist, but what the hell is that supposed to mean?


Nobody wants to be a so and so. Why?


Cockamamie: Again, Iíve got nothing. I know the context in whence it is used. But what does the word really mean? Why did it come into existence as a real word? I guess itís kind of like the word, piddling.


Good grief: I guess grief is good because youíre getting it out of your system, but people use it as an expletive. When you do that what does it mean?


What is a-muck? All I know is you donít want to run one.

Fit as a fiddle: Are fiddles really fit?


Check back as I continue to ask, ďWhat does that mean?Ē



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