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†††††† ©Things I Thought About When I was Thinking About Things to Think About:

Why is something that doesn't look like an apple and has nothing to do with pine trees, called a pineapple?

Why is a deceased person called late? They're not late. They're not even going to show up.

Why do people wait for the groundhog to come out and see or not see its shadow? Just look in the sky. Is the sun shining? Do you see your shadow? The groundhog is going to see its shadow.

Can you have a semi-annual event on an annual basis, in other words, an annual semi-annual event?

Are you really speaking extemporaneously if you start your sentence by saying: "Speaking extemporaneously"?


Does a blind prophet have visions in Braille?


Did our ancestors ever have a problem with large pox?


If evolution is true and man evolved from monkeys, then why arenít there any creatures in between man and monkey? Why arenít there any half lizard half bird creatures?


Why can a woman call her female friend, her girlfriend and it sounds okay, but a man calling his male friend, his boyfriend, well that just sounds creepy and weird?


Thereís bark on a tree. Dogs pee on trees. Dogs bark. Is that somehow all connected?


Speaking of dogs, why is it we call them boy dogs and girl dogs, but when theyíre older we donít call them man dogs or woman dogs?


Do you want to be cuter than a button? Iím just curious because Iíve seen a few slightly cute buttons, but mostly not so much. So I would hope that anything at all cute would be cuter than a button.


Why do they call it a permanent when it doesnít last forever?


When the dog pees on the carpet, why do they call it an accident?


One day, as I was sweating like a pig, I began to wonder, do pigs actually sweat? I donít believe I ever saw a sweaty pig before.


Do male ladybugs have psychological problems?


Can you actually be someplace youíve never been before?

Why would you want someone to give a damn? It seems like that would be a bad thing.


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