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©Farquarnian Quotes

(Gleaned from the teachings of Farquar)

(copyright 2009)


The problem with getting old is youíre no longer young.


If you do something long enough, you wonít be doing it anymore.


If you concentrate too much on what someone is saying, you wonít hear what they say.


A phrase can become so common nobody will say it anymore.


You canít put something back where itís never been.


Lifeís too short to try to figure it out.


You canít go to where you are.


Everything you do will piss somebody off.


The problem with impending things is they eventually happen.


You canít beat the team that wins.


It just looks like a lot, because thereís so many.


If you memorize it, you donít have to remember it.


You will be what you act like you are.


Dying will almost always change your life.


A bridge causes things to go under it, just because itís a bridge.


It just looks dirty, because itís so filthy.


When you come to the bend in the road, take it. (thanks Yogi)


It just seems large, because itís so big.


Epitaph: Here lies a man who let things bother him. Donít be like him. Heís dead.


You can really say a lot with just one sentence.


Home is not where the heart is, unless the heart is at home.


Never blackmail a murderer.


If you live long enough, youíre going to die.


Thereís always going to be people who donít like what youíre doing, but you can always depend on your friends to lie to you.


If you bring something with you, then youíll have something when you get there.


Sometimes we let the best things in our lives get away from us and sometimes we donít.


Any day you can walk away from is a good day.




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