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©The Sport of Trophy Hunting

(copyright 2008)


††††††††††† I have a hard time calling trophy hunting a sport when all you do is sit on your butt and wait for an unsuspecting animal to walk into the range of your high-powered rifle with the scope on it. If you want it to be a sport, then run after the deer and jump on its back and stab it with a knife or strangle it to death. Now that would be a sporting event.

††††††††††† I love hunter justification. ďIf we donít kill the deer theyíll overrun the country.Ē Really? I wonder how poor old God handled that problem before man came along to help him out? Oh yea. He created hungry natural predators not trophy hunters.

††††††††††† Now, if the hunter uses the same skills as the natural predators, then I wouldnít have a problem with that. Thatís the way the Native Americans did it. They usually used a horse to chase the animal down, then they shot it with an arrow (from a long bow, not a compound bow) or stabbed it with a spear or jumped on its back and used a knife. (Now, thatís sporting.) I donít have a problem with that at all. They were hunting to keep from starving to death. Itís called survival. Besides, when the Native American left the kill spot, all that was left on the ground was some blood, maybe. And they sure didnít hang the animalís head on the wall of their teepee. Oh sure they may have worn the head in one of their ceremonies, but thatís religion and I donít want to get into that.

††††††††††† So, the next time you pack up your high-powered rifle with the scope that allows you to kill from over a half mile away or your compound bow that can shoot an arrow through an elephant, why donít you, instead, take a long bow or a spear? That would make hunting a sport.

††††††††††† Or hereís an idea. How about hunting with a sledge hammer? That would sure be sporting having to chase the animal while toting that heavy hammer. Oh course, you could throw it at the four legged beast. Right now, I think cows are the only animals we hunt with sledge hammers. And thatís pretty much been abandoned for the apparatus that plunges a steel shaft into their brain. Thatís much more humane. But either way, all the sport is gone out of that one, when we pack Ďem all together where they canít run away and hide in the underbrush. Besides, thatís not really hunting. Is it? And quite frankly, I donít have a problem with hunting when youíre hungry and you need food. The problem I have is with those who kill just so they can have a picture and/or a head or rack of horns hanging on the wall. But then thatís just me talking.

††††††††††† But, please, tell me again. How is trophy hunting actually a sport?



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