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©That Kiss on That Particular Day in Question


My first kiss came from a girl whose mother and father were divorced. She lived with her mother across the street from my parent’s and was left at home alone a lot, while her mother worked and dated. The girl was two years younger than my fifteen years, but a whole lot smarter in the ways of the world. At fifteen I was still a virgin and at thirteen I don’t think she was, but I didn’t realize that on that particular day in question.

I had never been intimate with a girl before. In fact, I had never even kissed a girl on the lips before that day. I remember a friend of mine in Jr. High tried to explain to me what French kissing was and I thought I was going to be ill. It was quite possibly the most repulsive thing I had ever heard of up to that moment in time. The idea of someone sticking their tongue in someone else’s mouth was totally nauseating. If I had a choice I wouldn’t even have my own tongue in my mouth. Have you ever see one of those things up close? They look disgusting.

One time, unbeknownst to me, I ate a bite of a cow tongue. It was good until someone told me what it was then I felt like I had French-kissed a cow. I couldn’t eat it anymore once I knew what it was even though it tasted good. And that was the way I felt on that particular day in question.

She wanted to sit down on the couch and I was very compliant and then she started kissing me on the mouth. I tried to act cool, like that was as common to me as superman being disguised as a mild-mannered reporter, and I was succeeding until her tongue began to attempt to pry between my clinched lips, which clinched even tighter as her tongue prodded even harder.

             Now, I have to stop right here and tell you that this girl was stirring up things in me that had never been stirred up before and when she put her hand on the inside of my thigh, I jumped up and told her I had to get something in my home. It was me. And I never went back to her house again. Although I’ve got to admit, as I got older my lips got less and less clinched.

You see, there’s a good reason why the Bible says: the tongue corrupts the whole person and sets the whole course of your life on fire. (James 3:6)


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