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©Just One Hour

(copyright 2007)


††††††††† Daylight savings time; what is it, really? They say itís to give us an extra hour of sunlight, but there just so many hours of sunlight on any given day of the year. There is more of it in the summer, but itís a set amount and nobody has the power to give us more or less. I believe God controls that, not the politicians. But then, the politicians do think they are God, both individually and collectively. They say theyíre just redistributing the sunlight, but thatís just another one of their lies. They canít give us something we already have. Thatís just their way of stealing an hour of our lives. Politicians do what they do because they crave the power to control. They take whatever they want. They take our money. So whatís an hour of our lives?

††††††††† Now, they take that hour from us a week earlier and keep it a week longer. One day it will be like that hour never even existed. Theyíll just quit taking it, because one day, they just wonít give it back. Then theyíll go searching for something else of ours to steal. And once they get that hour, just like our money, they donít pay us any interest. For as long as they decide to give us back the hour, it will just be one hour. Nothing more and nothing less. No minutes added to it in the way of interest. You just get to use it for four months until they take it away from you again.

††††††††† And what do they do with that hour while theyíve got it? Do they actually do anything with it? Or do they just not want us to have it? They just stick it away in a vault until itís time to give it back. Or, do they take it down in their basements and do despicable things with it? You remember that when they give your hour back to you.

You donít know where itís been.

††††††††† At least we do get the hour back for a little while. Thatís more than I can say about the money that they take from us. And hereís another thing to think about. If you die while theyíve got your hour, then you never get it back. They donít even give it to your family to use. They just keep it forever. And thereís nothing you can do about it, except maybe move to Arizona. And that seems like a pretty high price to pay for just one hour.



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