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©Striving for Mediocrity


††††††††††† Iím making myself the unauthorized spokesman for those who are happy being mediocre. I speak out for those of us who are mediocre by choice, those of us who could be great if we wanted to spend the many hours every day that it takes practicing, but we choose not to work that hard. Weíre content with being mediocre. Weíre what the highbrows call: dilettante. We dabble in art, literature and music in a superficial way.

††††††††††† I do not speak for those who work real hard for hours every day and are still mediocre. This movement is not for you. You want to be great and you kill yourself striving for greatness, yet you remain mediocre. Youíre not mediocre by choice. Youíre just mediocre.

††††††††††† But on the other hand, there are many mediocre artists and entertainers who are making a living doing what they love and I salute you. Iíll not mention your names, because it would make your fans angry at me. You see, they think youíre great. Thatís because theyíre not even mediocre. But you know who you are. The great ones are jealous of you mediocre ones who actually make it into fame and fortune. They worked a hundred times harder to get what you got without really trying.

††††††††††† We mediocre ones who never made the fame and fortune, weíre not angry at those who got the breaks. Anger might require us to work harder to try to get what youíve got. Remember, you get the break or you donít. More work wonít change that. So my fellow mediocretites; donít knock yourself out. It wonít make a difference. Just be happy wallowing in mediocrity.

††††††††††† Most of us who are mediocre have one thing in common. We donít have one thing we really want to do all the time. To quote an old clichť, weíre Jacks of all trades but masters of none. Most of those who achieve greatness have found that one thing, then pretty much gave up a normal life of fun and friends to practice that one thing 12 + hours every day. Theyíre great, but what else have they got. Thatís probably why so many of them turn to drugs and alcohol. Oh well.

††††††††††† Itís just easier to strive for mediocrity. Besides, I never could decide what that one thing was that I really wanted to do. Probably, because I knew when I did, then I would have to devote my life to it. I would have to practice that one thing over and over and over. I would rather paint some, write some, then play my guitar some, then do something else for a while. I love mediocrity. It doesnít require commitment.

††††††††††† Besides, to make it in the realm of the Arts one has to be extremely good or extremely bad to get recognition. The mediocre donít stand a chance. Yes, as aforementioned, some make it, but most donít. So we donít even try. We just keep on striving for mediocrity.

††††††††††† One should do what one excels in and thatís exactly what Iím doing. I excel in mediocrity. Iím really good at it. I do mediocre very well. Okay, Iím only fair at it. The truth is Iím only mediocre at being mediocre. But thatís okay, because thatís what Iím striving for.

††††††††††† All my work is on my website and I hear comments about my website like: ďItís not cheesy.Ē ďHis songs arenít awful.Ē ďItís not as bad as I thought it would be.Ē And you know what? Iím okay with that. After all, thatís what weíre striving for: mediocrity. And mediocrity ainít bad.

††††††††††† I once knew a man who liked chasing dreams, but he never wanted to catch one. He turned out to be me.


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